1 Visit Crown

Same-Day Crowns in Thunder Bay

A broken, cracked, or weak tooth can affect the quality of your life in several ways. You may suffer tooth sensitivity issues, plus the damage may limit the type of food you can eat. For a tooth with significant damage or infection, a dental crown could be an effective treatment option. At Northwood Family Dental, we offer same-day crowns in Thunder Bay, helping you protect your teeth without the need for multiple dental visits.

Our same-day crowns provide a sturdy, tooth-colored restoration to help you rebuild your tooth and get back to enjoying your life. Whether you have tooth decay, damage, or want a crown for orthodontic or cosmetic purposes, we can provide a custom crown that will compliment your smile. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about our same-day crown treatment.


What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are crowns that are crafted directly in our office and completed in a single dental visit. This means you won't have to wait weeks for your final restoration or wear a temporary crown. Same-day crowns are an excellent solution for busy individuals or for dental emergencies where quick treatment can make a difference in the effectiveness of your care.

Our Same-Day Crowns Procedure

emergency dentist in thunder bayOur Thunder Bay same-day crowns are a single-appointment dental treatment option for patients with decayed, chipped, or discolored teeth. We use CEREC® restoration technology to create customized ceramic crowns ready for use in a couple of hours. Before taking digital impressions and 3D scans of your dental structure, we'll first conduct a thorough examination of your overall oral health. If you have adverse dental issues such as severe tooth decay or gum disease, we will first recommend a treatment option to solve the underlying dental issues.

The dental crown placement begins with preparing the damaged tooth. Here, our dentist will gently shape the tooth enamel and prepare it for the crown. We will then take an impression of your trimmed tooth and the adjacent areas using an intraoral camera. You'll then choose a crown material from the available options, and the impression is then transferred to a CEREC machine in our lab, ready to create your custom crowns. Once ready, the crown is bonded to the prepared tooth using a dental adhesive for a secure fit that will last for years with proper care.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Many people enjoy same-day crowns for their convenience, quality, and durability. Consider these benefits of same-day crowns:

  1. They Immediately Restore Your Bite Functionality: Your teeth play a significant role in how you smile, eat, and talk. They also impact your self-esteem. If you have a damaged tooth that's affecting any of these areas, a same-day crown can help. This dental treatment option also helps you avoid the inconveniences of having temporary crowns. The temporary crowns usually have certain limitations, such as avoiding certain foods or strenuous physical activity.
  2. They Prevent Further Injuries: A same-day crown protects your damaged tooth from further injuries. If you have a sensitive or cracked tooth, a dental crown will offer an extra layer of protection. The crown also restores your tooth strength and functionality, allowing you to resume your normal routine without risking injury or further tooth damage.
  3. They Are Cost-Effective: Reducing the number of dental appointments required to get a crown will save you money and time. Moreover, by being able to quickly receive your crown, you'll protect your tooth against further damage, reducing the risk of more costly treatment in the future.

Quality Same-Day Crowns in Thunder Bay

At Northwood Family Dental, we offer quality, reliable same-day crowns for patients of all ages in and around the Thunder Bay area. Our dentists are caring and compassionate and will ensure your dental issues are resolved gently and professionally.

Our Thunder Bay same-day crowns are designed with care and precision, so you can rest assured that the crown you'll get matches your natural teeth for improved appearance, strength, and functionality. Book an appointment or call us to receive your new dental crown today!